Internation transportations 
National transportations 
Full truck loads – FTL 
Less than truck loads – LTL 
Combined transport


Worldwide exports and imports 
Shipments from small parcels to entire aircrafts
Transports door to door or airport to airport 
Customs clearance services 
Transport insurance


Full container loads – FCL 
Consolidate shipments 
Non-standard containers 
 FCL, LCL shipments
Containers storage


Short-term storage 
Long-term storage 
 Consignment stock 
Quality control 
 Material kitting & sorting


Welcome to Czech Cargo web site,

we would like to offer you our superior services in the road transportation, air freight and ocean freight. Of course we are able to ensure comprehensive services in warehousing includes palletization, re-palletization and subsequently distribution. We can offer our own or rented warehouse capacity. The distribution is under way with our modern vehicles or contract carriers who meet our strict critera.

Services related to this field are our daily routine. Each of all our working days is not same for us as the previous one. That is why it makes our job more interesting and brings new challenges which we constantly face with pleasure. The professionalism of our team is based on long-term experience in the field of logistics that we all had to go through. We are a regular member of the Association of Forwarding and Logistics of the Czech Republic. Our main focus is on quality, safety, on time delivery and of course to optimize the costs associated with combined transport, transfer or pooling of individual shipments.

We are always ready to hear the customer’s voice and to take an immediate action in order to fulfill the highest expectation.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.

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