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Forwarding, Transportation, Warehousing ..... simply " the Logistics"

And further services related to this field are our daily routine. Each of all our working days is not same for us as the previous one. That is why it makes our job more interesting and brings new challenges which we constantly face with pleasure. The professionalism of our team is based on long-term experience in the field of logistics that we all had to go through. We are a regular member of the Association of Forwarding and Logistics of the Czech Republic. Our main focus is on quality, safety, on time delivery and of course to optimize the costs associated with combined transport, transfer or pooling of individual shipments.
Our IT specialists are ready to ensure the best comfort with data transmission and interchange (EDI) as well as periodical reporting to your company.
Personal and regular meeting with the service 24/7 means for us to give 100% to our customer so that he could rely on Czech Cargo team and also to take the fact that even in the moments and days when it normally does not work anymore, we are always ready to hear the customer's voice and to take an immediate action in order to fulfill the highest expectation.

…….just let us know your requirements and let the rest to us - You will not be disappointed.